Election Day Endorsements

Election day is finally upon us.

Turnout is usually abysmal for these off-cycle elections. Your vote never means more than it does when your next representative can be elected with less than 300 total votes. The difference between winning and losing will likely be less than a couple dozen votes. Because of this, I’d like to relay some of my observations on the candidates for various office.

Carpentersville Village Board

Voters have six candidates running for three open Trustee seats to serve alongside myself and two other Trustees. They are essentially running as two tickets. One consists of Paul Humpfer, Don Burroway and Jeff Sabbe. The other ticket is Chris Scholl, Sara Miller and Humberto Garcia.

I feel the ticket of Humpfer, Burroway and Sabbe is most in line with my position as an advocate of the taxpayer and they have earned my endorsement.

Paul Humpfer is the chairman of our Audit & Finance Committee as well as a CPA who holds multiple certifications in the insurance field. He consistently demonstrates fiscal discipline while volunteering an incredible amount of professional services for the residents. His favorite phrase is “getting to yes”, which conveys an attitude that he and I share that government at every level should work for the people and not the other way around. Recently, his financial oversight helped the Village acquire its highest bond rating ever. This is in stark contrast to the finances of the city of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and the state of Illinois, which are in death spirals and currently barely above junk bond status. Carpentersville has also returned its best financial audits in many decades during Paul’s tenure. Lastly, he voted to abolish the vehicle sticker tax.

Don Burroway sits on our Audit & Finance Committee and has also demonstrated an impressive level of fiscal discipline. He is endorsed by the Daily Herald and does an excellent job of representing Village interests as our QuadCom (911 call center) representative. Don acts as our advocate for local environmental concerns. He also voted to end the vehicle sticker tax.

Jeff Sabbe recently moved here with his family and quickly became involved in the community, culminating in his nomination for Volunteer of the Year last year and an endorsement from the Daily Herald earlier this year. He is active in our local Chamber of Commerce and is eager to take his community involvement even farther to bring new businesses to town. Jeff has also been questioned by a powerful statewide special interest group in an effort to establish a quid pro quo of election support for preferential treatment after the election, which he politely declined because he didn’t want to come into the position owing anyone favors. That speaks volumes about his character.

The ticket of Chris Scholl – a current public union Carpentersville village employee, Sara Miller – the wife of a current village employee, and Humberto Garcia, is a ticket running primarily thanks to a loophole in Illinois law that allows blatant conflict of interest.

The Illinois Policy Institute did an excellent job summarizing the conflict of interest situation if you would like to learn more about it:


They are also running one of the most negative and confrontational campaigns in recent memory. I feel the rhetoric is unprofessional and if carried forward onto the board, would serve as a very poor example of the community to those looking to invest here either professionally or personally.

Other Local Elections

In other local elections affecting Carpentersville residents, I support Jim Bonkoski for Dundee Township Park Board and Jeffrey Meyer for ECC Board. If you live in East Dundee, I endorse Allen Skillicorn.

Unfortunately, once again we have a District 300 school board race that is uncontested so I am unable to offer any insight into those candidates.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve you as Trustee these past two and a half years and for the next two years. I encourage you to reach out to me whenever you have any questions, concerns or ideas.

Best Regards,




Hello Everyone,

The results of the election are in:

(Vote for 3)

Votes % of Votes

Virginia J. Stephens (Independent) 312 55.61%
Kevin Rehberg (Independent) 356 63.46%
Patricia A. Schultz (Independent) 356 63.46%
Kent W. Baldwin (Independent) 191 34.05%
Bryan Moore (Independent) 231 41.18%

I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, especially my wife and biggest supporter.  Now the real work begins – implementing positive changes and improvements.  I’m excited to have a full four year term to help guide long term projects and allocation of the community’s resources and tax dollars.

To those of you who voted, either for me or against me, thank you for taking the time out of your day to make your voice heard.  Turnout was way too low (only 561 total votes cast, approx 3% turnout) but I knew that going in and designed a campaign around it, hopefully making it easier for busy residents to understand exactly what I support and why I support it.

The next four years will be challenging in the best way possible.  Please continue to visit this website as I plan on keeping it current with entries on upcoming Village issues, board votes as well as my customary board meeting recaps.

Thanks again everyone!


Newspaper Article on Candidates

Hi Everyone,

As part of their election coverage, the Daily Herald contacted the five candidates for Carpentersville Village Trustee to ask us about how we would go about the business of cutting costs.

The article also contains links to all of the candidate profiles.  It can be found here:


This provides some valuable insight for Carpentersville residents as everyone prepares to make their decisions for the upcoming April 9th election.

Meet The Candidates Night: Randall Roadhouse – Thursday, March 28th

Hello Everyone,

Fellow candidate Bryan Moore spoke with the owners of Randall Roadhouse and has scheduled an informal Meet & Greet for Thursday, March 28th from 6 – 8PM.  

Please feel free to stop by, grab something to eat/drink and find out more about the candidates who hope to represent you on the Village Board for the next four years.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about us in a great setting with a fantastic menu.  I hope you can attend.  

Have a great weekend.


Endorsed by the Daily Herald

Hello Everyone,

I have been endorsed by the Daily Herald.  I am happy to see that the Herald agrees with my emphasis on tax relief for residents and positive vision for the future of Carpentersville.

The article can be found here:


I also agree with the Herald’s other two endorsements: Patricia Schultz and Virginia Stevens.  I am currently serving on the Village Board with Pat.  Her and I were the only two board members to vote against the latest property tax increase.  She is also extremely involved in beautifying the village with her work on the Parks commission.

Similarly, Virginia is also heavily involved in making the village a better place.  She has served on the Parks commission for several years now and up until a couple weeks ago, was the only resident consistently attending both Board and Audit & Finance meetings.

One other qualified candidate, Bryan Moore, has management experience and appears to be interested in improving the village.  I haven’t personally had much interaction with Bryan so I can’t extend an endorsement of him at this time.  Voters will have some quality choices for this election, although I still wish there were more candidates running for the village board.  Competition brings out the best in everyone and can only benefit the village.