Endorsed by the Daily Herald

Hello Everyone,

I have been endorsed by the Daily Herald.  I am happy to see that the Herald agrees with my emphasis on tax relief for residents and positive vision for the future of Carpentersville.

The article can be found here:


I also agree with the Herald’s other two endorsements: Patricia Schultz and Virginia Stevens.  I am currently serving on the Village Board with Pat.  Her and I were the only two board members to vote against the latest property tax increase.  She is also extremely involved in beautifying the village with her work on the Parks commission.

Similarly, Virginia is also heavily involved in making the village a better place.  She has served on the Parks commission for several years now and up until a couple weeks ago, was the only resident consistently attending both Board and Audit & Finance meetings.

One other qualified candidate, Bryan Moore, has management experience and appears to be interested in improving the village.  I haven’t personally had much interaction with Bryan so I can’t extend an endorsement of him at this time.  Voters will have some quality choices for this election, although I still wish there were more candidates running for the village board.  Competition brings out the best in everyone and can only benefit the village.


Board Meeting Recap – February 19, 2013

Hi All,

It may have looked like a light agenda, but it was an important one to me.  One of my goals for my short 6 month term has been achieved as the board voted to allow a major upgrade in government transparency.  Thanks in large part to the hard work of Kevin Goethals, the village’s director of Information Technology, Carpentersville is now authorized to Read more of this post

Permit Process Improvements

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I spoke with a local small business owner last week and asked her to rate the service she has received from the village thus far.  She said it was excellent and that Community Development was extremely helpful with her and she gave them high marks across the board, especially for being proactive.

She did note one issue, however, and it had to do with the village permit process for allowing sidewalk sales.  This business owner, like many others, enjoys conducting sidewalk sales during periods of nice weather.  The issue is that Read more of this post

One of My Initiatives – 24/7 Access to Previous Board Meetings

Hi Everyone,

One of the challenges of being appointed into a 6 month term is developing goals that can be accomplished in such a short amount of time.  Second on my list, after helping as much as possible with the budget, is increasing our residents’ ability to view previous board meetings whenever they have time to do so.

Currently, the way this is accomplished is extremely dated and limited in reach.  Board meetings are Read more of this post

Key Village Issues in the Next Four Years

The information below is from a Candidate Profile I submitted to the Daily Herald:

Key Issue 1  Property Tax Relief

Village residents have seen their homes plummet in value while their property tax liability has soared.  I believe this is a primary contributing factor to the record number of foreclosures in the area.  All taxing bodies that draw from Carpentersville residents Read more of this post

Question & Answer Session

The information below is from a Candidate Profile I submitted to the Daily Herald:

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

This is one question where every candidate will reply with the same response: experience.  What separates my qualifications from those of the other candidates is how closely my private sector work experience mirrors the responsibilities of the Village Trustee position.  I have held the position of audit manager for an auditing firm for over 8 years and was an auditor for 4 years before that.  In Read more of this post