Campaign Mailer

When you run a 100% self-funded campaign in a state with the highest taxes and most powerful special interest groups in the nation, it’s imperative to find similar-minded, hard working candidates who you can trust to run with and split costs.

Sure this isn’t the glossiest or slickest mailer you’ll see this election season, but if elected on April 4th we will owe no favors to special interest groups for it – and that in and of itself makes this the best kind of campaign mailer in my book.

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Enthusiastically Endorsed by the Daily Herald

DH Endorsement

Happy to report that I have officially been endorsed by The Daily Herald, along with Pat Schultz and Virginia Stephens.

A big thanks to Daily Herald staff for taking the time to interview and research all of the candidates for local office.

Please click on the link below to read the full article.ā€¦/20170301/discuss/170309974/