Campaign 2017 Format

Hi Everyone,

You’ll notice if you scroll down that I haven’t been updating this website much over the last couple of years. It’s essentially a reflection of the evolving digital landscape. In tracking the analytics, I realized that outside of the weeks leading up to election day that nobody was visiting the site. We’re all busy with our day to day lives and hot button topics inevitably found their way to the various community Facebook pages, where I would dedicate time to adding my input instead of updating this site.

Redirecting my time towards the community boards just made more sense from a constituent reach and feedback perspective. While this website allows me the platform to go longer form compared to my Facebook page, I found myself spending time here answering questions that nobody was asking.

I will continue to utilize this site in my campaign for Trustee moving forward, but the content will cater to what I learned from the website analytics after the last election. It will be more efficient in order to cater to busy voters researching candidates for the election on April 4th.

Campaign information will be categorized in three ways: by qualifications (the About Me section), my accomplishments, and my platform – or what I want to accomplish with another four years.

Thank you for stopping by and performing your due diligence as a voter.

Best Regards,



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