Outreach Update

As some of you know, I maintain both this website and a Facebook page for updates as Trustee for the Village of Carpentersville.  I have also started posting in the various community Facebook pages as they have tremendous reach into the area.  Without a specific strategy, it can be somewhat confusing.

Due to some increases in traffic here, I’m excited to announce that I have revised my digital strategy.  Over the past couple of years I have gravitated more towards the higher-traffic of social media outlets like Facebook to get my message and positions across to the people I serve. For a long time before that, I was focused on this website as the primary portal, however I found myself spending time answering questions no one was asking just in case the question ever came up.

As part of this revised strategy, I will still use both my Facebook Trustee page, the community Facebook pages and this website, but for different defined purposes.  Facebook posts will be used for shorter form, quick information type postings like reminding everyone of an upcoming board meeting or posting video from a segment of a recent meeting that residents might be interested in.  I will use this website for longer form explanations of votes and local issue pieces.

My goal here is to engage the residents and stakeholders of Carpentersville on all levels.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns about local issues and where I stand on them – please feel free to reach me at krehberg@vil.carpentersville.il.us or my cellphone at (847)370-2273.
Thank you for your interest.

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