New Labor Agreement

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the Village’s recent full time Firefighters (IAFF Local 4790) contract and its ramifications, something you might have heard about already via the various social media channels.

First and foremost, I want to put to bed any concerns that staffing changes allowed under this contract somehow endanger residents.  This simply is not true.  What is true, however, is that this contract allows the Village to better manage and reduce $1,080 per day per firefighter overtime costs – ultimately saving taxpayers approximately $300,000 over the life of this contract.  That, I believe, is the true crux of this issue even though the public union members most affected by the overtime reductions refuse to publicly admit as much.

As a Trustee and more importantly as a resident and father, I would never support a measure that endangered the lives of my family, friends and neighbors.  It is important to add that my family lives within the supposed affected area that IAFF Local 4790 claims will now see dangerous staffing levels.

Despite what you might be led to believe, the Carpentersville Fire Department does not Read more of this post