Board Meeting Recap – September 3, 2013

Hello All,

This was a relatively light agenda with two topics worth noting, the first being the painting of the Silverstone water tank.  It was suggested by staff that since this water tower is so close to Dundee-Crown High School (where I graduated from), it would be nice to include the Chargers logo on the tank.  Since this project came in under budget, the funds were available and the Board approved the additional work.  The tank painting has since been completed and staff has received many compliments on the additional ‘flair’ added to the tower.  While I was hesitant to spend the money, I think it looks great and conveys an added sense of community and Charger pride and am glad the Board approved the minimal additional costs.

The second topic was a presentation from the Baecore, a company the Village contracted to examine efficiencies and help streamline processes at Village Hall.  The presentation spent quite a bit of time emphasizing the improvements that are being implemented in Community Development.  The end goal is to have the permit process automated to the point where applications and open issues can no longer slip through the cracks as they have in the past.  It will be the job of the Village Board to make sure that these changes are implemented correctly and as soon as possible.

The bulk of this meeting was conducted in Executive Session, which ran from 7:20 to 11:15 PM.

Minutes of the meeting can be found here:

Video of the meeting (including the Baecore presentation) can be found here:

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