Board Meeting Recap – October 15, 2013

Hello All,

One of the things we often do to start a Board Meeting is to have an invocation.  On this particular evening, we had the opportunity to thank one of the regular invocaters, Pastor Dexter Ball from Faithwalk Harvest Center, who also chaplain for the Fire Department.  It was a nice gesture to a person who is very dedicated to improving the community we live in.  Check out the video link for the actual presentation.

The Board was then briefed on several staff reports regarding our ongoing OSLAD grant application, the Maple avenue construction project and Oktoberfest.

New business included authorization to move forward with participation in a multi-agency public safety data sharing cooperative agreement.  The funding for this will be provided by Kane county and it will link public safety files for 21 local communities.

Also of note was a contract ratification for public works employees, represented by SEIU local 73.

After new business was discussed, we adjourned to executive session.  When we reopened the public portion of the meeting later in the evening, fellow Trustee Pat Schultz briefed the board on a successful meeting she had with lead staff at Waypoint Homes.

Waypoint Homes is one of the stakeholders in the community who was growing frustrated with Community Development staff and I’d like to thank Trustee Schultz and Village staff for meeting with them to hear their constructive criticism, much of which staff can hopefully build off of to make our code enforcement and permit processes more streamlined and business-friendly.  It is extremely frustrating to hear stories from those in the community who are attempting to invest in and beautify the area, only to be delayed by red tape and poor customer service.

As I have written in previous board meeting recaps, this needs to be corrected immediately and meetings such as this one that Trustee Schultz orchestrated go a long way in accomplishing that.

Minutes of the meeting can be found here:

Video (with agenda) can be found here:

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