Board Meeting Recap – October 1, 2013

Hello All,

All too often, our Village Board meetings do not have any public comments.  I enjoy them, even when I might not agree with what a resident or stakeholder has to say.  This particular meeting had public comments from a resident who is having difficulties with a neighbor who appears to be sheltering numerous cats in their home.  The commenter asked the Board to review Village code regarding the number of cats per household.  This is something I will look into further as I felt this resident had some excellent points and presented a great example of what can go wrong when neighbors start developing what is commonly referred to as hording behavior.

The other big news from this meeting was the resolution approving a collective bargaining agreement between the Village and IAFF Local 4790.  The agreement runs through April 30, 2016.

The contract was our only item of new business and the Board conducted a very productive executive session before concluding at 9:24 PM.

Minutes can be found at:

Video (with agenda) can be found at:

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