Board Meeting Recap – August 20, 2013

Hello All,

This board meeting was highlighted by a visit from Tom Roeser, owner of Otto Engineering.  He had previously been in email contact with many on the board to discuss issues he is experiencing with the Village’s Community Development department.  As he outlined in his public comments, he is not alone in his frustration with the customer service, or lack thereof, that he has experienced while attempting to pull permits and complete renovations in a timely manner.

I would like to thank Mr. Roeser for bringing these issues to the forefront and focusing a light on an area where many feel the Village is lacking.  I have personally heard many stakeholders complain about their encounters with village code and the staff that enforces them, and since Mr. Roeser’s public comments I have heard from many more residents and businesses – some of whom either decided to stop doing business in Carpentersville altogether or minimize their investments here.

In no uncertain terms, this is unacceptable and permanent corrections need to be put in place so that the people and businesses most interested in improving our community have the ability and assistance from Village staff to do so.  It is up to myself, the rest of the Village Board and Manager will to step up efforts in this regard.  I make no excuses here, I just want this fixed for the betterment of the Village.

Another item highlighted during the meeting was the fountain in front of Village Hall.  It was not used this year because it is in need of extensive repairs.  Public Works Director Bob Cole outlined some options regarding repairs, to which I inquired about costs associated with landscaping over the fountain.  The topic will be sent over to Audit & Finance for further review, but as of right now I am of the opinion that the most responsible thing to do from a budget perspective would be to save money and fill in the fountain with some nice looking and less expensive landscaping.  I’m curious to hear our residents’ thoughts on this, so please contact me if you feel strongly one way or the other.

The other agenda items discussed were fairly straightforward and can be found in the minutes here:

Video of the meeting can be found here:

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