Board Meeting Recap – June 4, 2013

Hello All,

I’m disappointed to report that my prefect attendance was broken at this village board meeting.  I had a conflicting meeting for work in New York City that could not be avoided or changed to another date, so I was unable to attend.

Knowing I would be missing this meeting, I did email other village board members to lend my support to the ordinance amending village ordinance for home daycares.  We currently have a very well run home day care in the village that would like to slightly expand their business but were unable to because the ordinances were more restrictive than the state standard.  This change brings village ordinance in line with the state standards and allows this particular day care to better fill a need within the community.

Another topic on this agenda was medical marijuana and how the village would like to regulate dispensaries should one decide to open in Carpentersville.  The state law is one of the most restrictive in the country, which is exactly what I would expect from our inept state representatives.  The only reason they are even addressing this is in an attempt to find additional things to tax since they can’t stop spending.  Simply put, medical marijuana should be no more regulated or taxed than morphine or any other pain relieving medication.

The criminalization of marijuana is one of the biggest contributing factors to the growth and strength of Mexican cartels, similar to how prohibition paved the way for organized crime.  Our nation’s ‘war on drugs’ has done nothing except drain taxpayer coffers and endanger lives.  It’s time for another approach which might actually work, and legalizing medical marijuana is a small step in that direction.

Video of the meeting can be found at the link below:


Best Regards,



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