Board Meeting Recap – August 6, 2013

Hello Everyone,

One of the topics covered in this meeting included amending the code for businesses with liquor licenses so they have identical hours for both Friday and Saturday nights.

Another ordinance was amended to more easily allow for movies in the park at Carpenter Park.  It’s important to note that permits for this will be free.  Judging by the participation in the first Movie in the Park event, this will continue to be a fun (free) family night out.

New business included discussion on ways to help property owners improve their buildings.

From the agenda:

When HUD, Fannie Mae, or any other Federal mortgage lending agency offers homes
for sale that come into their possession, you must be a non-profit, governmental unit or
owner-occupied to bid on it. This makes it impossible for a person or business owner to
purchase one of these units because they do not qualify to bid on these units.

In an effort to have the exterior appearance of existing attached single family
developments improved in a consistent manner, staff is proposing a resolution whereby
an owner of several units in a development could acquire additional units so that the
exterior of the entire building could be improved by having the Village purchase the unit
on their behalf.


I believe the current HUD law prohibiting non owner-occupiers to bid on their properties to be anti-free market and as such, support this measure even though it substitutes one form of government regulation with another.  A much better solution would be to eliminate this particular rule, but since I have no ability to do that – this resolution and the resultant actions serve as a next best thing.  Curiously enough, village staff has HUD’s full blessing to move forward with it.

My primary concern, that the village could be exposed to non-payment by the potential buyer using the village as a proxy, was alleviated by staff’s assurances that the agreement would be in writing and legally binding.  This ensures that taxpayers will not be hung out to dry by preventing property buyers from backing out of payment after the village has purchased the property on their behalf.  I will withhold officially endorsing this new policy until I can see the official resolution.  This resolution simply gives village staff the go-ahead to craft a potential new policy which the village board will eventually have to approve or deny.

One other item stirred some debate, and that was the resolution meant in part to transfer water billing from renters to the owners of the property.  Village staff expends quite a bit of time handling move ins/outs from rental units and too often the taxpayers are left with unpaid water bills after a tenant moves out.  This measure will move billing away from the transient nature of renters and should remove quite a bit of administrative work on staff’s end.

The reason it was tabled is because the board wanted to give rental owners an opportunity to voice their concerns over the changes.  Notification will go out and rental owners will have that opportunity before the board votes either way on this billing change.

I also provided an update on the Longmeadow Parkway.  I recently had a meeting with Kane County Board members Becky Gillam and Drew Frasz regarding the funding for this project.  As some of you know, I am opposed to using tolls to fund almost the entire cost of the bridge.  I feel this is basic infrastructure and as such, should receive both state and federal funding.  A more detailed breakdown of the meeting and my concerns can be found during my Trustee Report in the video provided below.  Overall, both Representatives Gillam and Frasz were extremely helpful, listened to my concerns and offered many details regarding the history of the bridge.  I thank them for their time and hope to work with them in the near future on ensuring the residents of Carpentersville have their infrastructure needs met in a fair and economical manner.

Video of the meeting can be seen by clicking the link below.  You can skip to specific portions of the meeting by clicking the agenda located just below the video feed.

Agenda pdf:

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2 Responses to Board Meeting Recap – August 6, 2013

  1. Trustee, the information given to you by the village staff is wrong. Notice under the section of “who can buy a HUD home” it says that the initial offer period is for owner/occupants ONLY, but that after that everyone including investors can buy the home.

    I purchased my home as an owner/occupant from HUD. The original bid process is 3 weeks and open only to owner/occupants, after that, each consecutive bid process is open to anyone. owner/occupants are always given priority over an investor though. Each bid period is 3 weeks. You were mis-informed by the staff. Perhaps they should either do a little more research or provide more information to our trustees.

    • kevinrehberg says:


      Thanks for taking the time to review my blog and elaborate on this particular item. The details in your comment were indeed relayed to the Trustees ahead of any vote on the matter. I believe if you watch the video of this meeting there are more details provided. What you see in the agenda was a summarized version that did not include those details. An initial reading of my post could lead you to believe there was a lack of information based on a summary level report, but I can verify that wasn’t the case. We went into our vote with information from staff regarding the 3 week window.

      Best Regards,


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