Board Meeting Recap – April 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,

There was a good turnout for the meeting thanks to some concerned Dundee Crown faculty, parents and students.  They came to express their support for the current student liaison officer, who is scheduled to rotate out of the position soon.  Officer Gallison has done an incredible job in this role over the last 5 years and those in attendance wanted to make sure the Board knew about it.

One student in particular gave a courageous speech about how his life had been transformed from a Latin King gang member to a model student and three sport athlete with plans to enlist in the armed forces because of Officer Gallison’s work as a role model and mentor.

As a Dundee-Crown alumni, I can definitely appreciate their concern and am reaching out to make sure that any future transitions in the position is as productive as Officer Gallison’s time in that important role.

Other business of note was a renewal of the village’s water softening salt.  The price per ton increased slightly, but is in line with inflation.  If anything, it is lower given the increasing cost of gas.

The public portion of the meeting concluded and was followed a lengthy and productive executive session.



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