Board Meeting Recap – April 16, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Great news came out of this particular board meeting as we officially transitioned police chief Alan Popp to the role of Public Safety Coordinator where he will oversee both the police department as well as the fire department, which was recently vacated with the retirement of Chief John Schuldt.

The board did not enter into this decision lightly, nor strictly with the intent to save money.  First and foremost was determining that such a transition would not in any way compromise the safety of the residents.  To that end, the village utilized a study from Vorhees Associates to conduct a feasibility study.  They confirmed that this model fits the village’s needs.

That said, this will save the residents millions of dollars over the long term.

Another big move was made at the meeting when the board decided to hire a new law firm – Holland & Knight.  This move will also save the village some money, but the move was made more out of a desire to acquire fresh and very experienced representation than anything else.

The village board also approved the 2014 budget, which unfortunately includes deficit spending.  This is something I hope to address after I am (hopefully) appointed to the Audit & Finance commission.  We need balanced budgets moving forward.  The village reserves are still within an acceptable threshold but obviously this would not be sustainable if further deficit budgets are passed.

The rest of the board meeting dealt with a few procedural issues and a lengthy executive session where we discussed collective bargaining negotiations.  I unfortunately cannot elaborate on them at this time, but will do so at a future time.  Rest assured I will continue to push for the most cost-efficient agreement possible.



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