Permit Process Improvements

Hi All,

I spoke with a local small business owner last week and asked her to rate the service she has received from the village thus far.  She said it was excellent and that Community Development was extremely helpful with her and she gave them high marks across the board, especially for being proactive.

She did note one issue, however, and it had to do with the village permit process for allowing sidewalk sales.  This business owner, like many others, enjoys conducting sidewalk sales during periods of nice weather.  The issue is that the sidewalk sale permit (Special Event – Class B) must be filed 30 days prior to the actual sale.  This impedes a business’s ability to utilize weather forecasts in order to maximize outdoor sale exposure.  She wanted a permit process that was closer to a few days as opposed to 30 days turnaround time.

I notified our Director of Community Development, Jim Hock, of this concern.  He and I will work together to streamline this cumbersome permit process so that local businesses can take advantage of great weather to drive additional sales revenue.

This could be viewed as a relatively small change to our code, but to me it means so much more.  Small business success is imperative to our village’s future and removing the needless government roadblocks that prevent them from maximizing their revenue is key to that success.



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