One of My Initiatives – 24/7 Access to Previous Board Meetings

Hi Everyone,

One of the challenges of being appointed into a 6 month term is developing goals that can be accomplished in such a short amount of time.  Second on my list, after helping as much as possible with the budget, is increasing our residents’ ability to view previous board meetings whenever they have time to do so.

Currently, the way this is accomplished is extremely dated and limited in reach.  Board meetings are recorded and then played back on Friday nights from 7 to 8PM.  Most board meetings have to be split into multiple weeks.  This is also a service that is only available to Comcast customers, and it is impossible to DVR the public access channel that the meetings are broadcast on.

Unless there is a very important issue being debated, most residents are too busy to attend the Tuesday evening meetings and far too busy with family commitments on a Friday night to view grainy replays an hour at a time on cable access.

I have been working with our staff I.T. director to bring the Village into the digital age of 24/7 access to board meetings online.  The vendor we are leaning towards has worked with many other municipalities in the area and their offering is easy to use, looks very professional and even works with mobile devices.  The links below will take you to two nearby towns that utilize this vendor.  Check them out and let me know what you think:

^Expand the plus signs under archived events to see individual meetings

The vendor can store an unlimited number of previous meetings, will live-stream meetings as they happen and even include the agendas as a pdf in the same window as the media player, which makes it much easier for viewers to follow along.

Adding this will increase the board meeting’s reach exponentially, as the number of residents with high-speed internet access is several orders of magnitude greater than the number who can either attend every live meeting or watch the Friday night hour-at-a-time replays on an unrecordable cable access channel.

We have many budgetary challenges ahead of us in the upcoming months.  Fortunately, this will not add much at all to the expenses of the budget since I’m hoping to reappropriate much of the existing board meeting recording budget for this new and improved service to the residents.




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