Board Meeting Recap – February 5, 2013

Hello All,

It was an interesting board meeting as usual.  The highlights included:

  • Honoring  my friend, neighbor and all around great guy, Sergeant Michael Salvaggio, for 20 years of service with the police department.  
  • Advancement on the badly needed Maple Ave. improvement project – staff is doing an excellent job of procuring the necessary easements from adjacent property owners to accommodate the widening of the road.
  • A presentation by a representative of the Jelke Creek-Fox River Watershed Coalition asking for village representation as they move forward with adopting their recommendations and long-term plans.  While I love to kayak and fish our local waterways (Kishwaukee River in particular), I’ll admit that knowledge of this aspect of local governance isn’t one of my strengths.  My main concern is being as involved as possible in the shaping and execution of the budget.  That is where my experience lies and that is where I hope to be of most service to the residents.  Fortunately though, there are other trustees who are willing to make this worthwhile project a priority.
  • I did find a couple items of question within the list of bills and invoices relating to the village’s wellness reimbursements to employees and am following up on them right now with staff.  I will follow up on here either way.
  • I was also made aware of the fact that the state of Illinois owes Carpentersville over $1,000,000 in local government distributive funds (LGDF) and the state is four months behind in making these payments.  This matter ties directly to one of my previous posts about the importance of pension reform.  The money isn’t there for LGDF payouts because it is all being diverted to the state’s massive and still growing pension debt.

That’s it for now.



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