Abuse of Power

Hello Everyone,

Our neighbors in Naperville have unfortunately been making headlines lately with a high profile confrontation between residents and city officials.

Long story short: some residents don’t want the smart/wireless electricity readers installed on the exterior of their homes and have been battling the city to avoid being forced into them.

More information can be found here:


While I disagree with the reasoning behind refusing the smart readers as there has been no credible scientific evidence that these meters are in any way harmful to our health, I disagree much more with how city officials handled this.

Under no condition would I approve of using police to arrest and prosecute residents for peaceful acts of civil disobedience in their own back yards such as this.  There are other ways to resolve these issues without resorting to police force.

The most egregious part of this whole story, at least in my view, is that one of the residents was charged with “attempted eavesdropping” – which is a law currently on the books (only in Illinois) that is a blatant violation of our 1st amendment right to record police activity in an unobtrusive way in public.

Fortunately, the higher federal courts agree with this stance and are currently in the process of reversing this unconstitutional law which was ultimately designed to insulate overaggressive police action from any form of accountability.

One last observation on this story – I’m glad to see the community turn out to the city council meeting to voice their collective displeasure with the way this situation was handled.  It’s great to see this kind of civic involvement when it is needed most.



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