Board Meeting Recap – February 19, 2013

Hi All,

It may have looked like a light agenda, but it was an important one to me.  One of my goals for my short 6 month term has been achieved as the board voted to allow a major upgrade in government transparency.  Thanks in large part to the hard work of Kevin Goethals, the village’s director of Information Technology, Carpentersville is now authorized to Read more of this post


Permit Process Improvements

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I spoke with a local small business owner last week and asked her to rate the service she has received from the village thus far.  She said it was excellent and that Community Development was extremely helpful with her and she gave them high marks across the board, especially for being proactive.

She did note one issue, however, and it had to do with the village permit process for allowing sidewalk sales.  This business owner, like many others, enjoys conducting sidewalk sales during periods of nice weather.  The issue is that Read more of this post

Audit & Finance Committee Meeting Recap – February 13, 2013

Hi Everyone,

It is budget season for the Village, which means the Audit & Finance meetings carry extra importance as all of the departments give presentations regarding the status of projects/initiatives from the previous fiscal year, the upcoming fiscal year as well as discuss the items and projects they would like to add to the existing budget.

Although not a voting member of the Audit & Finance Committee (soon, I hope), I do Read more of this post

Article on My Appointment

Hi Everyone,

This article is a little old, but I wanted to get it on this site anyway for those who might like a little more background.  It has been an educational and rewarding 3 months since then, and I hope to continue for another four years.

Have a great weekend,


Meeting with Residents

Hi All,

As a sitting Trustee finishing up my 6 month appointment while hoping to earn one of the three 4-year seats in the upcoming election, I want to make sure that everyone reading this knows I am always available to discuss village issues and ideas – no matter how big or small you think they might be.

I would love to do a meet and greet at your next meeting or event, be it a political action group, PTA, mom’s group, seniors center event, homeowners association meeting – you name it.  I can be reached directly at:

I’d love to hear your ideas on ways to improve the Village and also share my ideas with you.



First Time Bowling

First Time Bowling

Hi All,

OK, so this isn’t as much a Trustee or campaign post as it is a proud dad picture, but I wanted to post it anyway.

My wife Regina took this picture of Hailey and I during her first time bowling this past weekend. We basically paid money to watch her stand in front of the hand fan and laugh, but it was worth every penny.

I hope everyone is having a good week.


Andres Park Plans

Hello Everyone,

Please check out this informative video which details what the village and CAMBr, a great volunteer-based mountain biking club, plan on doing with one of Carpentersville’s most underutilized resources.

This will be a great addition to the community and is already drawing interest from all over Chicagoland.

A big thanks goes out to the CAMBr community for committing the volunteer hours to get this project done!

If you are more interested in joining CAMBr, please visit their website at: